MZ Manager always starts on the Team page and it gives you a quick overview of your team’s status and performance.

Manager Information

Login name is the name you use to login to ManagerZone. If this is not correct you will have to start over (-> delete the mzmanager_soccer.dat and .not files) because you will not be able to login to ManagerZone to parse data.

Username is your full name on your ManagerZone account.

UserID is your unique manager id on ManagerZone.

The first time you parse data from ManagerZone MZ Manager will re-read the username and UserID, so only the login name is really important to get right at the registration page.

Football team 

Info is read every time you parse data from ManagerZone

ID of your football team

Name of your football team

Series your football team is playing in.

MZ ranking.    Every day all teams in ManagerZone is ranked from 1 to <number of teams> according to their MZ Points.

MZ points.     You get points for every match you play. How many is a managerzone secret but you get most from games in your series, then cup games and friendlies. You also get points based on how much money you have (=assets). MZ Points are calculated from matches in the last 8 weeks.

Assets. The total amount of ManagerZone money

Graph radiobuttons. By selection a radiobutton  you can toggle the graph view between MZ Ranking, MZ Points and Asssets.


Get Football Data [F5] jumps to the Get Data tab and starts the automatic parser

Get data from Football and Hockey [F4] parses football data and then hockey data in sequence 

[F7] Toogles between football and hockey


This is the graph view. It shows data from the last 80 days for your team. 

Get Data

Get Data

This is where you activate the automatic parser which will read data from your team on ManagerZone.

  1. [Loginname]: the login name you entered when you registered MZ Manager
  2. [Security code]: enter the your profiles security code for tools, from the bottom of you Edit profile page on ManagerZone.
  3. [Save]: If you select this checkbox MZ Manager will remember the securitycode you entered so you don’t need to enter it every time you want to read and parse data from ManagerZone. Please remember to deselect this checkbox and press the Save button (at the bottom right) to remove the security code from the database again.
  4. [Read and parse Football Data]: When you press this button or press F5 anywhere in the program, MZ Manager will start the process of reading and parsing data from the ManagerZone tool data feed
  5. The parser report area (football green area) is where the parser will display the different steps in the process, player changes etc. The parser report area is saved into the mzmanager_football.not file in the mzmanager folder.
  6. Remember that the parsed data is not saved, until you press the Save button (at the bottom right).

Buttons and checkboxes at the bottom of the window:

[Full Screen]: Is permanently disabled, because it wont look pretty on most of the different tabs of information

[ On Top]: If available and selected if will try to make the window stay on top of your windows desktop

[English]: If you have other language files or you create your own using the translate tab, you can select them here. English is default, and is installed by the installation program.

[Messages]: If checked your will get a popup message every time the app will try to save data. If unselected the messages will be muted.

[Support MZM]: Link to MZ Managers Patreon page, where it is possible to sign up to support the development of MZ manager.

[Help]: Pressing this button will get to this help page you se now, navigating to help for the tab/page you’re currently in.

[Forum]: Link to the MZ Manager forum on this website

[Save]: Save changed data. If you are in the football section it will only save football data. (mzmanager_footbal.dat and mzmanager_football.not)

[Exit]: Will exit MZ Manager. If data has been changed for either football or hockey you will get a prompt where you can choose “Yes” to save changes or “No” to discard any changes.


This tab is showing all available information about the players.

  1. The player list. Click on any player in the list to get information displayed
  2. You can sort the playerlist in many ways. You can select between sorting parameters in this selectbox, or you can click on radiobuttons and information on this tab to select the sorting order.
  3. MZM rating is the values calculated from the MZ Manager settings in the selection tab. If you click on the values you will get the playerlist sorted per value. The higher the score the better the player is valued.
  4. This panel shows the name and shirt number of the selected player
  5. You can select between 3 different color themes.
  6. This shows if a player is a Youth Player or not. You can manually change this value and this is useful in the end-session period where some youth players gets to be seniors but still “work” without getting any salary. Use it with care though.
  7. Shows the players current value and wage. If you click in the listbox you will see the way the players value/wage has changed, indicated with green and red colors.
  8. The players calculated SC Ratings which was create by jyre some time ago. The algorithm does not match the current game engine, but can still be an indicator in what positions a player is considered to be best. The SC Ratings does not include form.
  9. The players skill shown in value and number of balls (like on mz). If you click on a skill the playerlist is sorted by skillvalue.
  10. Stats: Age, Height and Weight
  11. This is the official number of goals taken from ManagerZone. You can not change this value.
  12. Number of Yellow and Red cards.
  13. Shows the icon from ManagerZone indicating if a player is Satisfied, needs to rest or needs to play. If you click on the “Rest Players” button you be able to select players for you tactics based on their NeedToPlay status.
  14. Shows Total Team Value and Total Team Wages. This is based on all the players you have in your team.
  15. If you click on the Team Stats button it will show you the different total team skills in area 9. You can shift back to player skills by selecting a player.
  16. You can switch between player stats and player performance in area 9 by clicking the tabs. Performance shows a players rating per matches played, and you can select between Match Types and Positions.



This tab is shows the training progress per player.

1. Player list. Select a player to show training progress.

2. You can limit the players in the playerlist by clicking on the radiobuttons.

All – Show all players

Youth – Show only players marked as youth players

None-Youth – Show only players not marked as youth players (= seniors)

Got ball today – Show only players who received a new ball in a skill today

3. Shows general performance stats for the selected player.

4. This is the Predict new ball area. It shows:

  • Skill
  • Skillvalue
  • Total days trained in skill
  • Total days trained in skill since last ball gained
  • Estimated days to train before receiving a new ball
  • A calculated Effectiveness rate for how effective a player has been training 

5. If you shift the Formula Editor to the left it will predict balls to be gained faster and longer if it’s shifted to the right. You can use this if the predict functions always is a few days off in its predictions.

6. The “Predict function help” shows a help window explained the background. “Reset TLB” is something you can try if the prediction area shows strange numbers. “New Ball/Remove Ball” toggles a ball gained in area 7.

7. Shows a line for each training report read for the player.

Each line consists of:

  • Skill name
  • Position number (place on the training report. 1 is top of list)
  • Effectiveness (1st place on training report is 100%, last place is 0%)
  • @ is ball was gained

8. If you have had problems reading training report and want to re-read it. You can delete the last training day, by clicking this button. You have to select a line in area 7, but it will always delete the last training report, not for the day you perhaps selected. After deleting the training day, the last training report will be re-parsed the next time you Read & Parse data from ManagerZone.

9. Checkbox: Only gained balls

This will summarize the training and only show the dates where the player gained a ball in a skill. It will add the number of days since the last gained ball.

10. Checkbox: Show Dates

Will add dates to each line of training

11. [Training Planer]: It will open notepad with a suggestion to what position the players is best at currenttly, and then provide the Optimum skill distribution based on the settings for each position, and then provide a training plan for each position based on the balls left for each position before reaching the optimum selection.