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    What has been fixed and what’s new:

    New features
    – Football: You can now save any number of tactics (selection of players). Screen size has been widdened to handle the extra buttons and boxes.
    – A new Button XML has been added. If you save your xml tactics from managerzone as -Tactic (ex. A-Tactic) mzmanager will fill out the positions with the selected players, so you can import them directly into managerzone and speed up your proces of setting the team for different tactics. In football there is a catch and a special way you need to do it, but in hockey it is very easy.

    – A lot of small bugs has been fixed and code has been changed to behave better and be more robust
    – A lot of visual bugs has been fixed
    – When starting from new, the security code and checkmark for saving it is blanked when parsing data
    – Codepage problem reading password where character is read unicode. -> forcing user to register again with login name and security code when parsing data.

    – When players are changing shirtnumber or sold/deleted while you have mzmanager running, and you fetch data, mzmanager will not end in an exception when you try to save data or exit.
    – When reading traingcamps, players on Youth Conditioning Camp, will now be selectable on the Selection tab.
    – When reading trainingcamps it will read the decimal training effort, but not use the decimals yet. Will come in a later version.
    – Strings like playernames and team names are read and saved in unicode. So all them special characters should now be shown for all playername and teams names.

    – The skills in Football are now sorted as on Managerzone.
    – Performance tab for football players have correct match types, and brakes/interceptions are shown
    – Change sales tax info for players. The Statistcs pane on the playes tab, will show the right tax to pay, if selling the player today.

    – The skills in Football are now sorted as on Managerzone.
    – Trainingplaner has been updated in Hockey, to take skills in chunks of two. This is done because there is fewer important skills than for football
    – When resizing the application, the different training reports could overlap eachother making it difficult to read. This has been fixed.

    – All MatchTypes for football and hockey are covered.
    – In Matches-Criteria/Stats – you can now select cups and friendly leagues (was empty before)
    – Match Goals in Hockey sorted correctly by time (they are sorted by player in the mz data feed) – only works for new parsed matches.

    – Problems found in hockey where there was a cap of 255 players to handle in the selection tab

    – fixed ranged error problem, so no show all graphs correctly

    – Playerlist in Notes Pane, should be sorted as playerlist in Player pane. When changing the sorting in the players page, it will also affect the sorting of players in the notes tab.

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