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    You can install MZ manager by using Windows Installation file. Checkout the Installation files forum

    The Windows Installation file is a user-friendly installation, since it does all installation, and windows registration for you. It also creates desktop and start menu shortcuts for you.

    Using Windows Installation file

      • Find the Windows installation file on your computer after download and open it
      • It will start the first part of the installation process, prompting you for a place to install it. Enter a different folder or accept the default, accept the name of the menu where shortcuts should be added and start the installation.
      • Files have now been copied to the folder, and shortcuts been added to the menu and the desktop.
      • If you have old data files you need to decide whether to import them or to start with no data (recommended by the development team).
      • Assuming you have copied the old files the right place, don’t have old files, or wanting to start from scratch, you can now fire op MZ Manager 2.3x from the menu or the shortcut on your desktop.

    To be able to fetch data from ManagerZone register with your ManagerZone username and later use the tool security code (NOT you Managerzone password!!!) in the Registration window:

    [ManagerZone Login Username]: It is the username you use when you logon to ManagerZone. If you enter the wrong username, you will have to exit MZ Manager 2.x and delete the mzmanager_system.dat file, start MZ Manager 2.x again and register with the correct username.

    • Click on the Rgeister Button

    You are now ready to use MZ Manager 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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