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    MZ Manager always starts on the Team page and it gives you a quick overview of your team’s status and performance.

    Manager Information

    Login name is the name you use to login to ManagerZone.
    Username is your full name on your ManagerZone account.
    UserID is your unique manager id on ManagerZone.

    The first time you parse data from ManagerZone, MZ Manager will re-read the username and UserID.

    Football team

    Floowing info is read every time you fetch data from ManagerZone

    ID of your football team

    Name of your football team

    Series your football team is playing in.

    MZ ranking Every day all teams in ManagerZone is ranked from 1 to according to their MZ Points.

    MZ points. You get points for every match you play. How many is a managerzone secret but you get most from games in your series, then cup games and friendlies. You also get points based on how much money you have (=assets). MZ Points are calculated from matches in the last 8 weeks.

    Assets. The total amount of ManagerZone money

    Graph radiobuttons By selection a radiobutton you can toggle the graph view between MZ Ranking, MZ Points and Asssets.


    Get Football Data [F5] jumps to the Get Data tab and starts the automatic parser

    Get data from Football and Hockey [F4] parses football data and then hockey data in sequence

    [F7] Toogles between football and hockey


    This is the graph view. It shows data from the last 80 days for your team.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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